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Welcome to the Cube World Pet Taming Guide. A pet is any tameable mob in Cube World. Every pet can be tamed with different food items. To tame a pet, feed it it's favorite food.
A pet can also be stored in the inventory once it's captured. Your pet will help you fight mobs and it will gain XP. You can tame as many pets you like, but you can only have one active at a time.

Pet types:

  • Melee Pets: A pet attacks from melee range
  • Ranged Pets: A pet that has ranged attacks
  • Tank Pets: Deal less damange and generate aggro and have a higher endurance
  • Healer Pets: Able to heal you and other players
  • Mount Pets: You can ride these pets to move faster


Mountable pets

Alpaca Bark Beetle Bunny Camel Cat Collie
Crocodile Desert Runner Duckbill Horse Leaf Runner Lemon Beetle
Pig Peacock Plain Runner Porcupine Scottish Terrier Sheep
Slime Snout Beetle Snow Runner Terrier Turtle Wolf


Monkey – Banana Split  Location: Jungles / Oceans
You can tame monkeys with Banana Splits. They drop from Ogres in Dungeons, Bunnies, Traveling Mages, Maw Fish, Cats and Lemon Beetles.


Crocodile – Apple Ring  Location: Jungles / Oceans
Apple Rings tame crocodiles and drop randomly.


Bumblebees – Biscuit Rolls Location: In / near rivers
Biscuit Rolls are used to tame bumblebees and are currently random drops.


Porcupines – Blackberry Marmalade Location: Desert/Oceans/ Greenlands
Used to tame Porcupines. It drops randomly from Sheep, Flies, Bats, Frogman, Zombies and Plain Runners. It can also be obtained by killing a radishling.


Mosquito – Bloodorange Juice Location: Desert, Lava Lands/ Canyons
Random drops, currently unknown which. 


Bark Beetle – Bread Location: Greenlands
Bark Beetles are hostile, mountable mons and can be tamed with bread. BRead adrops from Spike Creatures and Insect Guards.


Collie – Bubblegum Location: Near towns / Dungeons
Collies can be tamed using bubblegum. Bubblegum randomly drops from Horses, Wolves, Radishlings, Squirrels, Hornets, Skull Bulls, Plain Runners and Bats. A Collie is a mountable pet.


Horse – Candied Apple Location: Greenlands
Horses are tamed using candied apples. They drop from Insect  Guards, Orcs, Chickens and Bats. 


Cat – Candy Location: Near towns
Cats can be tamed with Candy. It randomly drops. You can also purchase candy from some item shops. 


Desert Runner – Caramel Chocolate Bar Location: Deserts
Caramel Chocolate Bars can be used to tame Desert Runners. They drop from Insect Guards, Biters, Chickens and Horses Randomly. Desert Runners are mountable pets. 


Bunny – Carrot Location: Greenlands / Snowlands
Bunnies can be tamed with carrots. Carrots can be purchased in stores. You can also find them in carrot fields or by killing Bats. A bunny is mountable. 


Chicken – Cereal Bar Location: Greenlands
Chickens can be tamed with a ceral bar. They are dropped by Alpaca's, Cows, Lemon Beetles, Owls, Piranha's, Plain Runners, Skull Bulls, Undead and Wizards. 


Raccoon – Chocolate Cake Location: Greenlands
A raccoon can be tamed with Chocolate Cake. This item is dropped by random mobs.


Peacock – Chocolate Cookie Location: Greenlands
Peacocks are tamed with a Chocolate Cookie. Cookies are dropped by Wolves, Alpaca's, Bats, Cats, Frighteners, Devourerers, Onionlings or Werewolves. 


Alpaca – Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcake Location: Everywhere
Use a Chocolate Cupcake for a dark colored Alpaca. 
Use a Vanilla Cupcake for a light colored Alpaca. 


Mole – Chocolate Donut Location: Greenlands
Moles are tamed using a Chocolat Donut. Donuts are dropped by Insect Guards, Squirrels, Undead, Crows, Humans or Sharks. You can also buy this item in a General Store.


Turtle – Cinnamon Role Location: Near/In lakes / Jungles
Turtles are tamed using a cinnamon role. It drops from Bunnies, Goblins, Orcs, Alpaca's and Skull Bulls. 


Sheep – Cotton Candy Location: Near / In towns
Cotton Candy is used for taming Sheep. It is dropped by Frighteners and you can also buy it from the general store. 


Scottish Terrier – Croissant Location: Near towns
Scottish Terriers are tamed using a Croissant. A croissant usually drops from Humans and Plain Runners. 


Fire Beetle – Curry Location: Lava Lands / Desert
Use Curry to tame a Fire Beetle


Camel – Date Cookie Location: Deserts
A camel is a mountable pet. Use a Date Cookie to tame it. You can get a Date Cookie by killing Wolves, Onionlings and Devourer. 


Fly – Fruit Basket Location: Greenlands
Fruit Baskets are a rare drop by Insect Guards, Horses or Alpaca's. Use it to tame flies. 


Parrot – Ginger Tartlet Location: Greenlands, Jungles, Oceans
A Parrot can be tamed with a Ginger Tartlet. It is dropped from an Owl and Plain Runner. 


Slime – Jelly (various colors) Location: Caves, Canyons, Forests
Use Blue Jelly for Blue Slimes. 
Use Yellow Jelly for Yellow Slimes.
Jelly is dropped by various mobs. 


Lemon Beetle – Lemon Tart Location: Greenlands
Lemon Tarts are dropped by Alpaca's Moles, Plane Runners, Orcs, Undeads and also Lemon Beetles themselves. A Lemon Beetle is mountable. 


Crow – Licorice CandyLocation: Greenlands
Crows are tamed with Licorice Candy. It's dropped by Crocodiles, Shepherd Dogs, Snout Beetles, Skull Bulls and Sheep. 


Owl – Lollipop Location: Greenlands
Lollipos are dropped by Bats. Use them to tame Owls. 


Snout Beetle – LollyLocation: Greenlands / Deserts/ Jungles / Oceans
A lolly is dropped by Orcs, Mosquito's, Bunnies, Radishlings, Wolves and Undeads. This is not a lollipop. 


Bat – Mango Juice Location: Near or in Caves
A Bat is tamed with mango Juice. The Mango Juice is dropped by Hornets, Alpaca's and Lizardmen. 


Midge – Melon Ice Cream Location: Deserts
Midges are tamed using Melon Ice Cream. It's dropped by Bark Beetles and Insect Guards. 


Plain Runner – Milk Chocolate Bar Location: Greenlands
A Milk Chocolate Bar is dropped from Radishlings, Crabs and Onionlings, Use it to tame a Plain Runner.


Leaf Runner – Mint Chocolate Bar Location: Jungles / Oceans
There is currently no information about how to get the Mint Chocolate Bar. 


Biter – Pancakes Location: Greenlands / Deserts
Pancakes are dropped by Bats, Plain Runners, Humans, Cows and Porcupines. Use it to tame a Biter. 


Hornet – Popcorn Location: Greenlands
Popcorn is dropped by Crows, Raccoons, Scottish Terriers, Flies and Wizards. Use it to tame a Hornet. 


Pig – Pumpkin Mash Location: Near Towns
Pumpkin Mash is dropped by Bats, Sea Horses, Plain Runners, Lantern Fish, Alpaca's and Undead. You can also buy this item from a store. Use it to tame a pig. 


Seagull – Salted Caramel Location: Oceans
Salted Caramel is dropped by Cats, Chickens, Raccoons, Turtles, Horses, Bats, Cows, Crows, Sapphire Fish, Ancient Guardians, Cormlings, Squirrels, Witches and Insect Guards. Use it to tame a Seagull. 


Penguin – Soft Ice Location: Snowlands
Soft Ice drops from Lemon Beetles, Ogres and Undeads. 


Squirrel – Strawberry Cake Location: Greenlands / Snowlands
Randomly drops from Sapphire Fish, Lantern Fish, Bumblebees, Orcs, Undeads, Cows and Witches. Use it to tame a Squirrel. 


Crab – Strawberry Cocktail Location: Near / In lakes
Drops from Skull Bulls, Hornets and Bark Beetles. Use it to tame a Crab. 



Duckbill – Sugar Candy Location: Near / In Rivers / Mountains
Sugar Candy drops from Bats, Wolves, Biters, Spike Creatures, Raccoons and Onionlings. Use it to tame a Duckbill. 


Terrier – Waffle Location:  Near Towns
Waffels can be purchased at the general store. Use it to tame a Terrier. 


Spitter – Water Ice Location: Lakes/ Jungles
Water Ice drops from Alpaca's, Moles, Bunnies, Undeads, Snout Beetles, Cormlings, Zombies and Insect Guards. Use it to tame a Spitter. 


Snow Runner – White Chocolate Bar Location: Snowlands
Dropped by Bats, Onionlings and Peacocks. Use it to tame a Snow Runner. 


Wolf – Unknown
Wolves can't be tamed.  

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